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How It Works

It has now become affordable to get a high speed Internet connection in remote areas of France

Why get internet by satellite now and not wait for a few more months

  • Internet providers are not committing to supplying adsl to remote communities or isolated houses for the immediate future
  • prices now start below 20€ per month
  • equipment costs are now below 500€

The three suppliers we have chosen all provide a two way Internet connection. This means that there is no need for a phone line or any further equipment to get online.

The speed of connection and the amount of information sent and received should determine which package and supplier you use.

Once you have chosen a supplier it is a simple case of contacting them if you wish to change your package (the equipment is not transferable between different suppliers)

Comparisons with adsl

The Internet connection can be shared with one or more computers using wifi or network cable.

It is a 24/7 always on connection

voip (Internet telephony) works but due to the time lag it is not a practical telephony solution.

Set up costs are higher due to addition equipment costs and specialized installation.

All listed packages are subject to a degradation of service when the agreed data threshold is exceed. In real terms this means that your Internet connection speed slows down in direct relation to the amount you download (no good for downloading films or music from the Internet).

Please note: Skydigi is not associated with British Sky Broadcasting Group plc ( BSkyB ).

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