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Broadband by satellite. - Installation

In certain areas of France ADSL is unavailable. If you live in an area without access to terrestrial Broadband (France telecom-Orange, Alice ADSL etc) or indeed no phone connection at all then this may be the answer. Satellite broadband allows high-speed Internet access almost anywhere.

What ever your location and as long as you have a clear view of the Southern Sky, we can install Internet by Satellite.

Since the satellite dish can transmit to any satellite in space, it is important to position it correctly. It is possible to disrupt the wrong satellite by an improperly aligned satellite dish therefore it must be installed professionally to allow you trouble free Internet surfing.

The satellite dish is best installed in a sheltered South-facing environment. (Typically on a South-facing wall.) The dish has not got to be located high just secure and out of harms way.

We can offer a number of bespoke solutions for your installation, from a simple set up when we simple install the equipment and you set up the software to a full installation with network and WiFi covering your whole complex, allowing you and/or guest to use the Internet.

Once installed we can set up a secure network which is password protected. All computers will be set up and our computer engineer will go through the whole setup, from start to finish.

Please note that Broadband by satellite needs its own dedicated satellite dish and special LNB as it transmits both ways. So it cannot be used in conjunction with a Television broadcasting satellite system (Sky, Canel+ etc).

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us, whether it's for free friendly advice or to book in a Broadband by satellite installation.

Please note: Skydigi is not associated with British Sky Broadcasting Group plc ( BSkyB ).

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