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There are 2 mainstream options to obtain digital French television (TNT) in France/Europe. Roof top Aerial or better still Satellite.

Terrestrial TNT broadcasting via Aerial can be hit and miss depending on your location and obstacles between you and the transmitter. If you have a good picture at the moment chances are you can upgrade to digital TV. If your television does not have a built in TNT tuner (All new Flat screen have these TNT tuners built in) you can purchase a set top box.

The best solution is TNTSAT this is a commercial proposition from Canal Satellite, the pay TV operator in France and backed by Astra. The 18 channels include the main national channels, TF1, France2, France3, Arté and M6. You can choose your own local France3 region when you install the receiver.

The 18 TNT channels are transmitted on Astra1 satellite located at 19° East. (This is not the same satellite used by Sky, BBC, ITV etc.) The service is encrypted and you will need a special receiver along with a viewing card. The receivers will have the TNTSAT logo and the card is supplied with the box. There is no subscription to pay.

The TNTSAT receivers will only receive the TNTSAT channels and other free to air channels from Astra1 only.

Depending on your location in France it is possible to use a single dish with 2 LNB's located at different angles that will allow Astra1 and Astra2 (FR & UK) to be seen at the same time without the dish having to be repositioned. However if you live in the far South of France we would recommend 2 dishes to avoid problems. Please note that you will require a different sort of decoder for the UK channels, EG a FreeSat or Sky digibox.


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